Pin Brazing

BAC Pin Brazing System – An excellent alternative to Thermite Welding

Pin Brazing is basically ‘Drawn-arc Silver Brazing’, considered a Brazing process and not (as is sometimes and incorrectly stated by suppliers and even manufacturers) ‘Electric-arc Silver Soldering’, as the working temperature or melting point of the filler material is below that of the base metal or substrate but above 426.6 Degrees Celsius (800 Degrees Fahrenheit).

The filler metal, in the case of Pin Brazing is a Silver alloy consisting typically – Ag 55%, Cu 21%, Zn 22% and Sn 2%, which when molten flows directly into the closely fitted surfaces between the desired connection type and the substrate material by Capillary Action.

Based on electric arc silver soldering using a pin brazing unit  (gun) and a power source (battery or welding machine) and a brazing pin containing silver solder and flux.

An excellent low temperature technique for connecting test leads and anode wires to pipelines and structures.

Types of Pin Brazed connections

Pin Brazing Advantages

  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Simplicity
  • Weather
  • Safety
  • Versatility
  • Positioning
  • Bond Strength
  • Low Resistance Connection


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