Off-Shore Cathodic Protection Systems

Galvotec Corrosion Services, LLC., is an experienced in offshore Cathodic Protection, offering a wide variety of services to the offshore oil and gas industry.

We specialize in the design of anode retrofit systems, from a single aluminum anode for a shallow water well to a complex impressed current system on a large production platform.

Through our relationship with Imenco, a leader in deep-ocean ROV tooling, our anode sleds are being used on all types of sub-sea structures through a variety of specialized ROV compatible bonding clamps.

Our experienced personnel can handle every step of the process, form design to fabrication, from installation to maintenance.

Off-Shore Service Include but are not limited to:

  • Anode Retrofit Design and Engineering
  • Pipeline Anode System Design
  • Offshore Structure CP System Design
  • CP Systems for Docks and Piers
  • Impressed Current Systems Installation and Maintenance
  • Retrofit Anode Assembly Fabrication
  • Farbrication of Anode Clamps and Hardware
  • CP Installation Project Management
  • Level I Offshore Surveys
  • Cathodic Protection Surveys
  • Computerized Reports and Documentation
  • Pin Brazing Equipment Sales and Training

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Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Services
Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Services