Retrofit Systems for Marine Structures

Galvotec Clamp-On Anode Retrofit System and Dual Retrofit Anode Assemblies

Galvotec Corrosion Services is a world leader in the design and fabrication of clamp-on aluminum anode retrofit systems which has been a world standard for over 50 years.

The system offers the following advantagesDualsMP73Bb

  • Even anode current distribution over the entire submerged section of the platform or structure
  • Anodes can be placed evenly over the jacket are without additional resistance from bonding cables from a remote anode array
  • Optimization is possible by the use of a reduced number of long anodes providing the same or better current output of the original designDualoverStructure
  • System can be designed to provide life extension of the CP system for 5 to 30 years
  • System is completely removed when jacket is removed during abandonment, unlike pod systems which would require the expense of sub-sea floor clean up.


These innovative retrofit assemblies reduce diving time in half by allowing two anodes to be installed onto the structure at a single time.

The anodes are custom designed in order to require the least number of assemblies while still providing full cathodic protection equal to or surpassing the original design criteria.



Designed for easy anode retrofitting of shallow water structures, The GALVO-PILE is installed without the need for divers and eliminates the risk of hanging anodes striking against the structure. The GALVO-PILE has an anchoring system that penetrates into the sea floor and has a weld-off bracket for top-side stabilization.

V T A Vertical Tension Anode System

The VERTICAL TENSION ANODE (VTA) SYSTEM is the only proven Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System installed without the use of divers and their costly support vessells. They have been successfully installed in water depths in excess of 400 feet (120 meters) and in depths greater than 820 feet (250 meters) with ROV assistance. Each anode in the VTA System can be individually monitored and controlled.

To view our video on VTA Please click here


The GALVO-STRING is a hanging anode retrofit solution that is installed without the need for diving. GALVO-STRING anodes are simply shackled together and lowered to a desired installation depth, and can be attached to a structure with either a weld-on or clamp-on bracket.


 Deep Ocean Sleds 

As exploration expands into deeper environments, Cathodic Protection Design has to modify as well. We fabricate custom anode sleds for deep ocean applications that can be used on a variety of sub-sea structures, whether as a retrofit or initial anode life. As a result of our exclusive relationship with Imenco, a leader in deep-ocean ROV tooling, these sleds can be diver or ROV installed through a variety of specialized bonding clamps. click here to view our page on Imenco clamping systems

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